Primary School Children


Primary School Children

Short History of Grants Awarded

After the bombing of the Gower’s Walk School in 1941 which was created by William Davis’ original endowment of 1807, the Trust was reorganised with a new Scheme agreed with the Department of Education, and restarted in the 1950s by awarding small grants to individual young persons who applied direct to the charity; by 1999 grants began to be made annually to schools within the area of benefit, and which were administered through the London Diocesan Board for Schools. The LDBS set up with WDEF a Millenium Project in 2000 which included special services for schools at St Paul’s Cathedral, and at the end of the Project in 2001 it was decided to hold a schools concert for 5000 of our children at the Royal Albert Hall in 2002, and coordinated with the BBC and the choir of All Souls Langham Place. This was the start of the biannual Proms Praise for Schools, a project in which the WDEF played a leading part until the 2006 performance, when funding was adopted by major firms; and after which the charity reverted to individual grants to schools, until 2017 when we focussed upon specific larger grants which could be replicated across all London Diocesan Board Schools.

Grants over the years have been made as follows:

SchoolAmount (£)Purpose
2020St Luke's, Isle of Dogs10,000Chromebooks & staff training
2019Holy Trinity, Camden6,449IT hardware
Latymer All Saints Edmonton15,186IT hardware and training
2018Holy Trinity, Dalston10,000Rewriting and adapting the National Curriculum
2017No grants
2016No grants
2015Stepney Greencoat1,000Choir accompanist
St Matthias1,500Art project
St Peter's1,000Healthy eating and cooking project
Christ Church1,000Residential trip
St John's900Wellie Boot Wednesday
St Paul's1,000Food Training for parents
St Luke's2,000Series of banners
St Paul's with St Luke's2,000Classroom art displays
St Saviour's1,000Chrome books
St Mary's1,500Educational trip
St Paul's with St Michael's1,000Residential journey
St John & St James2,000RE resources
Christ Church190School visit to Rochester
St John's210Rain gear for nature visits
St John the Baptist450RE and leavers' Bibles
2014Stepney Greencoat1,000Choir accompanist
St Matthias800Art project
St Peter's850Vegetable growing
Christ Church1,000Residential trip
St John's1,000RE resources
St Paul's950Create outside learning environment
St Luke's850Development of outside space
St Paul's with St Luke's1,000Pupil self-esteem boosters
St Saviour's350Library resources
St Mary's800Residential journey
St Paul's with St Michael's850Easter playscheme
St John & St James350RE resources
St John the Baptist1,000Improve playground
Holy Trinity1,000Christian art installations
St Matthias350RE & reading
St John of Jerusalem350RE resources
2013Stepney Greencoat900Choir accompanist
St Peter's1,300Promoting RE education
St Matthias250Residential trip
Christ Church900Residential trip
St John's900Residential trip
St Paul's1,000Teaching families & pupils healthy cooking
St Luke's1,000Creation of multi-sensory environment
St Saviour's1,000Update library
St Mary's900Residential journey
St Paul's with St Michael's1,000Religious mural
St John & St James500Residential journey
St John the Baptist1,000Improve school environment
St Matthias1,000Guided reading programme
St John of Jerusalem1,000Update RE resources
2012Stepney Greencoat1,000Choir accompanist
St Matthias2,000Library books
St Peter's2,000Family swimming scheme
St John's1,000Residential trip
St Paul's1,500RE resources
St Luke's1,000Creation of vegetable garden
St Saviour's2,000Library resources
St Mary's1,000After school provision
St Paul's with St Michael's1,000School journey
St John & St James1,000Reader books and school journey
St John the Baptist1,000RE resources, leavers' Bible
Holy Trinity1,500After school activities
St Matthias1,000RE teaching & resources
2011Holy Trinity1,000Accelerated Reader programme
St John & St James1,000Accelerated Reader programme
St Matthias1,500Accelerated Reader programme
St John the Baptist1,000School journey
Stepney Greencoat1,500After school choir
St Matthias2,000Library resources
St Peter's1,500Establishment of choir
Christ Church2,000After school club and school journey
St John's1,700School journey
St Paul's1,500Library resources (RE & non-fiction)
St Mary's2,000Residential trip
St Paul's with St Michael's2,000Extended school day activities
St John & St James2,000IPC resources, Taekwondo, school journey
St John the Baptist2,300RE & sports, leavers' Bible, school journey
2010St Matthias1,000Residential trip
St Peter's1,000School journey
Christ Church1,000Library and School journey
St John's1,000School journey
St Mary's1,000Residential trip
St Paul's with St Michael's1,000Residential trip
2009Stepney Greencoat2,000Enhancing music provision
St Peter's2,000Library resources
St John's2,000Residential trip
St Mary's2,000School journey
St Paul's with St Michael's2,000School journey
Holy Trinity1,500New RE scheme - Godly Play
2008St Matthias2,000After School Club - film school
St Luke's1,750Redevelop library and stock
St Peter's1,000RE resources
St Paul's with St Luke's1,500Produce DVD's related to RE topics
St John the Baptist2,500School journey to France
St Mary's1,250Holiday camp
St John & St James1,250School Journey
St Paul's with St Michael's1,750School library language centre
2007St Paul's1,300After School Club
Christ Chruch1,750Artist & KS1 trip
Stepney Greencoat1,100RE resources
St Matthias2,100Lunchtime sports classes
St John's Bethnal Green1,800Breakfast club & study support
St John the Baptist1,700School trip to France
St Mary's1,200School journey
St John & St James1,425Sensory Room
Holy Trinity1,425School Journey
2006St Paul's2,000After School Club
Christ Church2,500Artist for School Hall mural
Stepney Greencoat2,200Teaching and resources for RE
St John's Bethnal Green2,000Breakfast club
St John the Baptist2,000School trip
St Mary's1,800School trip
Primary School Children

School grant totals

Use the link below to download a copy of our school grant totals.