Primary School Children


Primary School Children

We need your donations to help us grow and to develop as a charity, and to support innovative and exciting projects within the 157 Primary Schools operating within the Church of England Diocese of London.

These projects enable children to learn new skills and gain more confidence, in order to prepare themselves for the world of work, and so eventually to enhance their future career prospects; ultimately the quality, purpose and happiness of their lives grows, so that our young people can then experience the best of what education has to offer – resilience, skills, adaptability and confidence.

Any amount, large or small, will be hugely appreciated. If you donate, and are an eligible UK taxpayer, we will be able to increase your donation by 25% due to Gift Aid at no extra cost to you.

This appeal will be read in the first place by all the living members of our family, of which there are 161 of all ages doing exciting things and spread across the whole world, and it provides this small family charity with focus and a further meaningful linkage. WDEF started as a family charity and remains essentially so, as our common ancestor William Davis intended back in 1807.

Primary School Children

Ways to donate

  1. Donate directly via our website. Click here to donate.
  2. Donate directly via PayPal: Paypal Donate
  3.  Send a cheque to our Treasurer, Ms Fiona Saunders Watson, 16 Faramir Place, Northampton, Northants NN3 8SF
  4.  By phone – please call Cecilia Paton on 01745 720711

You can donate directly through using your current card (Visa and all cards accepted), or your Paypal account. Funds, along with eligible Gift Aid, goes straight to the Charity and most cards now waive transaction fees for charitable donations.

Primary School Children

Why your support matters

To fund these projects we do work with a small yearly budget from investments. We have found there is a great deal more work to be done in our Church of England Primary schools and we are obviously limited in the number of projects that we can support. In 2019 we made the decision to go out and fundraise additional funds so we can support more schools and a greater number of children and making sure we can really make a difference to a young person’s future. We intend to raise our annual spend to £60,000 per annum with a £2,000,000 campaign target.